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Another week, another bugg adventure. And oh so many lessons learned. I believe we’ve entered the 'terrible twos' phase of puppyhood (if there is such a thing). 

Yesterday, in particular, was a trying day to say the least. 

Chance & Roxy decided that nap time was highly overrated. For the first time since arriving home, they were awake (and rarin' to go!) for nearly 12 hours. Around noon, I realized how dependent I'd become on those naps. So much for the simple luxuries of daily life, like showering, laundry and dishes.

Potty training

Yesterday also proved to be the toughest potty training day to date. I did everything I could think of to help the little guys go potty outside. And I did everything I could think of to help them work out all that pent up energy.

We played together. They played together. We did obedience training and played brain games with hidden treats. We walked far, we walked often. I lost count somewhere around eight or nine trips around the block.

Still, for reasons unbeknownst to me, both Roxy and Chance were still having accidents inside the house. Number one and number two.

I know they say dogs don’t pee in the house to make us angry or out of spite. Intellectually, I know this to be true. But, at that moment, I was baffled. If only I knew why then maybe I could help prevent it.

By the end of the evening, I was spent. Thankfully, so were the rugrats. We all fell into a blissful slumber that would last until 5am the next morning. From 9pm to 5am -- 8 full hours! I could hear the angels singing.

Yakety yak

After our daily morning ritual of "beat the clock," whereby I jump out of bed, dress and race the kids down the stairs and out the front door to do their business, today began on a much better note.

They seem to be napping a little more today (wish I could say the same). But what's really interesting is the sudden onset of barky barkersons. Seems they each found their voice today. Don’t get me wrong, they've bow-wowed and woofed from time to time, but today is different.

They're barking at each other, at the birds, at the trees, at the wind, and apparently at the invisibles. They bark when they're excited to see someone, they bark when they're playing, and they bark when they're frustrated. They've started barking at me when they don't get what they want and when I ask them to do something they don't want to do (like stay out of the kitchen during meal prep or come inside after a long walk).

Among other new (less than desirable) behaviours:

  • Scratching frantically at the carpet for no reason
  • Running through the house with stolen socks and door stoppers
  • Flipping the water dish upside down
  • Chewing on potty pads, kleenex and any other paper product they can sink their teeth into
  • Refusing to come inside after a walk (Roxy literally flops down on belly and chin -- stubborn little girl!)
  • Crapping on mom’s bed

That last one was particularly delightful. Yes, someone crapped on my bed. How they got out of my sight long enough to do that, I’ll never know. Why they did that … no one will ever know. 

But amidst all this chaos, there are some upswings to report this week:

  • Going potty outside more often than inside
  • Going potty on command in the same outdoor area at least 50% of the time
  • Briefly standing at the top of the stairs to alert me it's time to go potty (it's a quick, easy to miss signal, but a signal nonetheless)
  • Sleeping through the night without using potty pads (sign up for exclusive photos you won't find anywhere else)
  • Both buggs have mastered ‘sit’ and ‘leave it’
  • Both are learning to sit outside the kitchen during meal prep (albeit begrudgingly with lots of grumbling and back talk, but I’ll take it as a win nonetheless)
  • Both buggs are growing up strong and healthy
  • And they’re both as sweet as pie

Puppy Myths Debunked

"Take them outside every one to two hours and they won't have accidents inside the house," they said.

Not true. Raising puppies through the potty training phase means accidents in the house. Period. Full stop. It is what it is, and it's nobody’s fault. Not yours and certainly not puppies'. It just takes time and perseverance. 

"Puppies chew things they aren't supposed to chew because they're bored," they said.

Not true. Puppies chew things because puppies chew things. It's how they explore the world. Everything is new and exciting to a puppy. You know when you buy your cat (or 2 year old child) an epic toy and all they want to play with is the box? It's like that. No matter how entertained your puppy is, he will still want to chew new things he shouldn't chew.

Out of the mouths of buggs

Roxy Bugg

I’m 11 weeks and 2 days old today. I weighed 6.6lbs two days ago. I think my legs grew this week, cuz I’m fumbling more when I walk and mom says I look like a little horsie when I walk.

I still like all my foods and treats. I wonder if my mom will get some new stuff next week. 

I answer to Roxy now, and I always sit nicely on command (not like my brother who jumps up all the time). I think I’m smarter than him.

I’m pretty good at leaving things alone that I’m not supposed to eat, but I don’t know what it means when mom says ‘lie down.’ That one confuses me. I still love tug of war -- it's my favourite game.

I like to play outside and sometimes refuse to come inside. Mom always tricks me with the ‘touch’ command cuz I’m so good at it. But at least I get treats.


Chance Bugg

I guess if my sis is 11 weeks and two days old today then I am, too. I weighed 9.2lbs on Tuesday. Mom and dad say I'm going to be a really big boy cuz my paws are so big and floppy.

I’m definitely smarter than my sister. I know all my commands, like ‘sit’ and ‘touch’ and ‘lie down’ … and I’m even learning how to ‘spin.’ I’m so good at ‘leave it’ that sometimes I find stuff outside to pick up and then spit out so my mom gives me treats. 

I answer to Chance and I love meeting new people. Everyone says how handsome I am. I like other doggies, too, they’re fun!

I’d rather be outside than inside, but I listen to mom when she says it’s time to go in. I get treats when I listen. I’m such a good boy.

Coming soon

I'll be sharing some of my raw food prep tips and tricks, and I'm working on sorting through hundreds of photos to give you guys the best of the best. There are even some videos we're working on.

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