Flax on the side, please!

Why don't we don't add our Golden Milled Flax: Omega 3 to the same container as our "all-in-one's"?


Flax is an oil product.

If mixed with a powder, oil is known to destabilize itself and the surrounding ingredients. The formula can lose potency, become cakey or go rancid much faster.

By storing them separatly, we're able to do two important things for you; maintain small, easily administered doses that are promised with our concentrates and, in that regard, save you time and money! However, we do believe in Omega 3's! They are an amazing anti-inflammatory and great for coat, healthy stool and brain development. The Golden, Stable-Milled Flax we provide for you is 100% Organic, Canadian grown and bakers-grade. Calvin, my dad, puts an insatiable amount in his home-made bread and I love to use it as a replacement for eggs and I add it to my daily smoothies! Heck yes, I'll have Flax- on the side, please!

We've analyzed, innovated and implemented the science so you can be confident and comfortable with what is going on your four-legged family member's bowl! If you have any questions or concerns.... We are a Pack, don't hesitate to ask- guaranteed transparency and results or your money back!

We promise, with us, your not just purchasing a product, you're joining a community that expects a higher nutritional standard for today's pets.

Happy Supplementing!