PureForm Pet Health Announces New Curbside Canine Pickup & Delivery Service

April Fool's

In an ongoing effort to comply with ever-changing social-distancing regulations, and to maintain customer health and safety during the pandemic, PureForm Pet Health is introducing new Curbside Canines Pickup and Delivery service.

“We know how concerned people are with shopping in public places these days,” said PureForm cofounder, Lindsay Saggu. “So we decided to take human contact out of the equation entirely and replace them with our highly trained delivery dogs.”

The concept is catching on quickly, as more and more dogs are spotted delivering PureForm supplements directly to customers outside retail stores and at their homes.

The new Curbside Canine Delivery & Pickup service is easy to use:

  1. Place your order online & choose to pickup at your nearest store or have your product delivered to your home

  2. You’ll receive an email with the date and time of your expected pickup or delivery

  3. Enjoy hands-free curbside canine delivery to your car or home

“Our pups are really well trained,” according to Saggu. “And because they’re not human, they can’t spread the virus to our customers.”

Canines are outfitted with a special backpack which contains the customer's pre-sanitized product along with receipt and a complimentary hand sanitizing wipe. After retrieving your order, simply pat the pup on the head to signal that the transaction is complete.

According to another spokesperson for the company, customers may soon be able to request specific breeds for their deliveries. More on that as details unfold.

For now, the company is keeping pet parents safe one Curbside Canine Pickup & Delivery at a time.

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