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Take Your Dog to Work Day








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Most times, the hardest part of our day is leaving our furry babies behind and heading for work, especially since we've gotten used to staying home with them lately! Dogs have a peculiar way of brightening our day and increasing our fun factor exponentially. So, when Pet Sitters International (PSI) pitched the possibility of taking them with us, we couldn't resist! 

Howbeit, we advise that you obtain permission from work, before proceeding to show off your dog to your colleagues.

A Brief History of the Holiday

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Take Your Dog to Work Day is an annual holiday that is celebrated on June 26. It was created to honor one of our most beloved pets, and began in 1999 as a way of celebrating and encouraging the adoption of companion dogs. In its maiden year, close to 300 businesses hosted a National Take Your Dog to Work Day. And ever since its inception, the popularity of this holiday has steadily grown. 

This year, Take Your Pet to Work Week runs from 22nd to 26th June. It kicks off with #MeowMonday on June 22, which is Take Your Cat To Work Day, and ends June 26, which is Take your Dog to Work Day.

There are a number of activities which promise to make this event worthwhile, but we wouldn't want you oblivious to the fact that your pets can distract you from getting your tasks done. However, it doesn't inhibit you from interacting with your colleagues in a whole different way, as dogs are well known icebreakers! You can also pitch to your boss the idea of promoting and enhancing effective communication which would yield better teamwork. Maybe you'd eventually get him to have Fido sit next to your desk, commemorating this special day with you. You can't wait, right? I bet not!

National Take Your Pet to Work Day activities

Here are some key activities that can guarantee an interesting holiday:

Dog at business meeting

Learn Over Lunch

Unfortunately, some employers do not buy the idea of having dogs at work. Though maybe we can find a way to convince them to participate... Educate your company's staff about local homeless pets, and the health benefits of pet ownership. Show them you understand the important roles pets play in their lives, and studies show pets increase longevity! This should afford every animal lover the opportunity to have an engaging discussion on pet care or pet trends over lunch.

Host a Fundraiser for Local shelters

You can host a fundraiser for this event and designate the proceeds to a local animal charity shelter, or rescue group. It doesn't matter if you are able to bring pets to your workplace or not. Anyone can host a fundraiser as participating businesses have planned silent auctions, hosted dog/owner look-alike contests and so many more, with the sole aim of raising money.

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Plan a dog adoption fair to help homeless dogs

This is an  opportunity for you to make arrangements which can allow a few dogs from a local shelter or rescue group to visit your business and meet employees. This could lead to a multiple dog adoption, hence achieving the purpose of the day.

Offer a photo session for participants and their pets

pug shotYou can have a photographer take photos of this special event. Each participant may have a copy taken with his/her pet. You can also have employees bring in photos of their dogs for a photo contest. Also, don't forget to share these photos from your event online by using #takeyourdogtoworkday. Everyone loves a good pug shot, I mean mug shot!

Host canine contests

You can hold fun contests such as: best trick, racing games, the friendliest canine co-worker, the "lazy dog" employee of the day or "most talented." Create your own categories and make the day livelier in the workplace, while making our pets feel loved!

Dog on Couch


Noteworthy precautions

As much as we want to celebrate our furry family in our place of work, we should be mindful of our dogs safety and well-being. Before hosting your pets, ensure you keep your work environment free from hazards. Put away anything that can be harmful to your dogs if eaten, chewed at, or played with.

Also, your colleagues should be well sensitized on Cynophobia, which is the irrational fear of dogs. Convince them the day can be exciting for them too.

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Future Take Your Dog to Work Days

2021: June 25th - Friday

2022 : June 24th - Friday

2023: June 23rd - Friday

2024: June 22nd - Friday

2025: June 21st - Friday


Finally, our pets are family too and no one should be prohibited from pampering them the same way we'd spoil a child. Companies who are dog-friendly have responded positively to the above, so that they no longer limit the number of days an employee can bring Buddy to work.

So, what are you waiting for? Go raise the WOOF and get ready to host a Take Your Dog to Work paw-ty!

Did someone say PAW-TY!?

Dog Party


Until next time,

Lindsay Rose


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