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AGILITY - PureForm Pet Health Supplements
AGILITY - PureForm Pet Health Supplements
AGILITY - PureForm Pet Health Supplements
Agility (Joint Support)
Agility (Joint Support)

Agility (Joint Support)

Experience the ultimate in joint support with Agility. Crafted to help support bones, joints, and connective tissues, this premium formula helps reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis and dysplasia, while improving strength and mobility. It also increases mental acuity and can relieve anxiety, so your pup stays relaxed and ready for adventures. Dare to unleash their potential!

400g = 160 days for 25lb dog (CAD$0.39/day)

Veterinary Health Product NN.E9E5


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No Artificial Ingredients

No Artificial Ingredients

No Sugar Added

No Sugars

No Preservatives

No Preservatives

No Fillers

No fillers

Ingredients & Benefits

Guaranteed quality ingredients per ½ teaspoon (2500mg)


Recommended Daily
PureForm Pet Health Agility supplements for joint support

We've mapped out the recommended daily dosages based on your pet's body weight. We suggest serving the daily dosage over two meals (half in the morning, half in the evening).

If you're new to Agility, start by introducing the formula at half the suggested dose (based on your pet's size). Slowly increase the amount over the course of 10 days until you reach max daily dosage.

The following doses apply to cats and dogs.
Do not exceed 2 teaspoons per day.
Store in a cool, dry location.

If your pet is having loose stools, reduce the dose by half then slowly increase the amount over 7 days.

Agility can be added to Development or Essentials formulas by ¼ teaspoon for severe cases of injury or trauma.


Choose your canister size below, then find your pet's weight to see the recommended daily dose, servings per canister, cost per day and recommended reorder frequency.

1-5 lbs

0.125 tsp/day

640 days/can


REORDER every 89 weeks

6-15 lbs

0.25 tsp/day

320 days/can


REORDER every 43 weeks

16-30 lbs

0.5 tsp/day

160 days/can


REORDER every 21 weeks

31-60 lbs

0.75 tsp/day

107 days/can


REORDER every 13 weeks

61-85 lbs

1 tsp/day

80 days/can


REORDER every 9 weeks

86-119 lbs

1.5 tsp/day

53 days/can


REORDER every 5 weeks

120+ lbs

2 tsp/day

40 days/can


REORDER every 3 weeks


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