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22 Best Halloween Pet Costume Ideas for 2023

22 Best Halloween Pet Costumes

Halloween isn’t just for kids—it’s for the entire family, your fur babies included! Most pet parents we know love to dress up Fluffy and Fido like adorable little ladybugs, tasty hotdogs, or even your favourite spooky TV and movie characters. 

This Halloween, we’ve scoured the web to collect and share our best Halloween costumes for dogs and cats. Let’s dive right in!

Pet Halloween Costumes With Arms

There’s nothing funnier than watching Fido run around in a cute little UPS outfit with arms flailing about. Here are some of the best pet costumes with arms we could find -- and all of them for less than $25!

Chucky Dog Halloween Costume

Amazon: $21

Chucky Halloween Pet Costume

Pet Krewe Dog & Cat Pirate Costume

PetSmart: $14.99

Pirate Halloween Pet Costume

Guitar Playing Dog Costume

Amazon: $15

Guitar Player Halloween Pet Costume

US Mail Carrier Pup Pet Costume

Walmart: $19.95

US Mail Carrier Halloween Pet Costume

Pet Doctor Halloween Costume $20.99

Pet Doctor Halloween Pet Costume

Santa Pup Dog Costume $20.99

Santa Halloween Pet Costume

Best Pet Costumes Under $25

Dressing up your pets for Halloween doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are all kinds of cute costumes (scary and funny ones, too!) for under $25. Here are some of our faves:

Cowboy Cat Costume

Amazon: $19.99

Cowboy Cat Halloween Pet Costume

Tarantula Dog or Cat Costume $12

Tarantula Halloween Pet Costume

Baby Shark Pet Costume

Walmart: $16.49

Baby Shark Halloween Pet Costume

Stranger Things Dog Costume

Amazon: $19.99

Stranger Things Halloween Pet Costume

German Beer Dog or Cat Costume

PetSmart: $14.99

German Beer Halloween Pet Costume

Best Pet Costumes Under $50

For those who simply can’t help themselves, here is a collection of halloween costumes for your pets that come in under $50. They may be slightly more extravagant than some other costumes, but we think they’re well worth it.

Devil Dog Costume 

Etsy: $36.67

Devil Dog Halloween Pet Costume

Black Scorpion Dog Costume

Amazon: $45.56

Black Scorpion Halloween Pet Costume

Dog Vampire Costume

Amazon: $38.60

Dog Vampire Halloween Pet Costume

Puppy Latte Costume

Amazon: $28.99

Puppy Latte Halloween Pet Costume

I Steal Kisses $34.99

Robber Halloween Pet Costume

The Nun $41.99

Nun Halloween Pet Costume

DIY Halloween Pet Costumes

DIY costumes are so much fun to make—and they’re even more fun to craft for your pets! Whether you’re dressing up your chihuahua, great Dane or kitty cat, here are some quick and easy DIY Halloween pet costumes. 

Garden Gnome

The two main components of this garden gnome costume are felt and craft fur, which can be both found at your local craft store. 

Garden Gnome DIY Halloween Pet Costume

Repurposed Stuffies

This clever idea repurposes a stuffed animal into a cute small dog costume using cardboard and a coat hanger.

Stuffies DIY Halloween Pet Costume

Paint Your Pup

Really? Yes, it’s OK to paint your pup as long as you use pet-safe paint. Go ahead and paint your pup into a zebra, tiger, skeleton, ladybug, unicorn, or anything else you like!

Paint Your Pup DIY Halloween Pet Costume

Jet Pack Dog

It’s amazing what you can do with empty pop bottles and some duct tape. Check out this creative NASA-inspired DIY pet costume for Halloween.

Jet Pack DIY Halloween Pet Costume

Martini Dog

Sometimes our pets have to wear cones. This martini glass is a super cute way to dress up that e-collar for Halloween! 

Martini DIY Halloween Pet Costume

Now it’s your turn! We want to see all your cute, funny, spooktacular pet costumes. Go ahead and share your pics in the comments below.