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How it begins, and ends, with family

I'm Lindsay Nyuli, daughter to the co-founders (Shelley & Calvin Nyuli) of SciencePure Nutraceuticals Inc, the makers of Pureform Pet Health Supplements (prev. Breeders B.I.S.) & Pureform Equine Health. I am here to tell you the story of why and how our company began. Grab your reading goggles and have your giggles handy, here we go!

In the beginning, my parents were pretty "gung-ho" on human nutrition. Competing in the Canadian and World Body Building Championships from 1981-85 (and placing)!

*young-en's avert your eyes*


After retiring from competing, my father worked as "Nutritional Advisor" in Customer Service for NuLife. Enough people were asking if they could feed the supplements to their pets that good ol' Calvin brought the idea of developing a line for animals to the owners, who replied with something like, "we're not interested". So, dad left and decided he'd do it on his own 'cause if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself!

After I was born, my father went back to university (at age 30!) to study Nutritional Bio-chemistry and learn more about the mind-body balance in animals. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science and did his thesis on Vitamin C; it's importance as an anti-oxidant for immunity and absorption.

They moved to Cloverdale, BC, with little me in tow. We lived across from Fraser Downs Racetrack & Casino, which is where my dad started asking questions about the horses such as, "what are the problems they are having and wanting to supplement for?". The answers he got were related to joint inflammation, muscle recovery, promoting respiratory and blood circulation. He immediately got to work with my mom planning their first product, Curcuzone, which is now known as First Response! They tried all methods of delivery but found that powder concentrates could remain free of fillers, preservatives and flavours while accomplishing maximum absorption (with the help of a high-quality Vitamin C) and fast results. This belief stands with us to this very day. Our powder concentrates for Pet & Equine remain free of anything unnecessary. I was going to say, "we pride ourselves.." yada, yada, yada but there should be no pride in giving the pet community what it deserves. No hidden ingredients is a basic right. It's our privilege to extend you full transparency.

A canine/feline brand for Veterinarians was created (VetForm) for holistic vets. Those whom realized the power of our nutritional science and enthusiastically jumped on board. Breeders Best In Show developed soon after, as most horse owners also have dogs. With optimal, full-body health in mind, our "All-In-One's" were put to the test. We started supplementing breeders, agility and show dogs- many of whom are still using us! 20, even 15, years ago there was little to no interest in adding nutritional supplements to retail pet stores. Unfortunately, we didn't have the man power (even though we had a powerful man *snicker*) to continue promoting our pet supplements at the time. However, 20 years later, *enter Lindsay, ready to take on the role of Pack Leader for PUREFORM Pet Health* "LET'S DO THIS!!" she exclaims, with one hand reaching up, as if the air is opportunity, and the other in front, as if she's grabbing responsibility by the tennis balls.

So, there you have it. The beginning to present. Shelley is the sunshine, papa Cal the earth and together they've produced a beautiful garden of health supplements for our four-legged family members to sustain long, healthy lives. I guess that makes me the gardener.

We started as a family company and we still are a family company, just much bigger with yours now included! Welcome to the Pack!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Lindsay & the PureForm Team