How it begins, and continues, with family.

There are more to animals than meets the eye. Like humans, their systems are complex too. In the past 20 years, there has been an increase in animal deaths, which have been related to illness and degenerative disease. These two are linked, of course. The "sophisticated" company's solution for pet food has been dehydrated and overcooked highly-carcinogenic, with little or no nutrients left. Most of the amino acids are therefore blocked from absorption because of these traits. How then would you feel eating the same, lifeless meal every day?
Nobody in their right mind would want to get their pet sick. So why does this happen and how can it be fixed?

In 1986, a pair of athletes were getting ready for—what they wouldn't know to be—their last year of professional bodybuilding. Years of training and studying the human body's performance and recovery, was what led to Calvin coming third place in Mr. Universe.
Calvin Nyuli Bodybuilding
A year after retiring from bodybuilding, Calvin went to the University of BC to further his knowledge of mammal biology. In 1995, he graduated with a B.Sc. in nutritional biochemistry.
The pair moved near a racetrack and, when Cal noticed the horse's discomfort during and after the races, he started asking everyone questions.
To further use his degree to improve the lives and performance of horses, Calvin started working on the supplement recipes and made a plan to educate pet owners with Shelley, his wife, who had grown up with a specific interest in horses and dogs. She was loving every minute of it.
That was the beginning of SciencePure Nutraceuticals Inc.
The purpose of PureForm supplements is simple, and logical, when looked at from the perspective of “filling in the blanks”. You’ve got a pet, and the pet eats food, but they need more nutrients than the food can give. The hitch is, you don’t want a supplement that also contains fillers, or is highly processed for stability. You want a supplement that enhances the food, helps absorption of nutrients, and covers their daily recommendation of vitamins and minerals from A-Z. And, hey, if it also supports their joints and ligament stability through growth and adult years, they’ll be much more comfortable as seniors.
So, the purpose of PureForm may be simple but the science behind SciencePure is complex.
Thanks to our unique, scientific formulas, created by Calvin, the past 20 years have been filled with success for our animal friends. For an athlete or for the extended family member, let’s show these animals we’re here for their complex systems. We’re here for the prosperity of cats and dogs.
To this day, the most important goal for SciencePure is to educate owners. So, we’re here for you, too.
Happy Supplementing, For the Proactive Pet Parent!