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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About PureForm

Do you have your GMP certification?

Yes! At PureForm Pet Health, we are proud to be cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified for the protection of our quality and, most importantly, your pets. Learn more here.

Do you sell in the USA?

Yes. We sell to the USA, and we ship from our US warehouse. If you're looking for a retailer in the United States, please check our Store Locator, or contact your favourite retailer and ask them to order in some PureForm Formulas. 

Who do I message about a missing order?

Our customer service manager, Barb, will be happy to help. You can reach her by email at

How do I redeem my gift certificate?

Gift certificates can be redeemed by phone. We prefer this method because it allows us to ask questions and help you choose the best supplement for your pet. Call our office toll free: 1-877-533-9163 between 7:30am - 3:30pm PST.

FAQs About Formulas

Are PureForm supplements "natural"?

A controversy has been raging for years about the relative virtues of synthetic vs. natural nutrients. 

Fun Fact: All foods, vitamins, and nutrients, and all the other substances of life, are chemicals. If all life is made of chemical molecules, a chemical's structure, not its source, determines its function. 

So, there is no difference between a synthetic molecule of a vitamin or other nutrient and a natural molecule of the same vitamin or nutrient (chemical). One comes from the biological factory and the other from a brick and mortar factory, but the sources of the chemicals’ characteristics come from its structure, not its location.

We use "natural" sources of the ingredients where applicable. There are some ingredients, such as Vitamin E, which can only be synthetically produced to fit our formula. 

Why do the supplements state "not for long-term use"?

Health Canada requires us to add this disclaimer. However, in our experience, it is safe. Feel free to consult your veterinarian or have them contact us if they have questions.

What's the best way to mix supplements with the food?

Many pets love it sprinkled right on top of the food. If you want to give it a stir, or add a bit of liquid, go for it! Your furry friend will let you know how he likes it. 

Where does your Glucosamine come from?

It is of shellfish source with a 99.99% purity rating, manufactured in China by partners we've trusted for 15 years.

It is the same Glucosamine Hydrochloride we use in our Human joint formula (Protocol GMB). 

Can Glucosamine Plus (equine) be used for dogs?

Yes it can. However, the type of vitamin C we use for equine is different from the type we use in our canine formulas. It will differ in absorption and pH. We recommend PureForm Agility for dogs.

Are there other ingredients in your formula not listed on the site?

There are NO inactive ingredients in our formula. Everything you see listed on our website is what you'll receive in your supplement, no more or less! We don't add fillers such as liquid, whey, flax, or flours in our formulas. Nor do we add sugars or preservatives.

What's the difference between Agility and Essentials?

Essentials is a balanced supplement including necessary vitamins and minerals, amino-acids, and joint and digestive support.

Agility is designed for joint support, and it has one amino-acid (Glycine) to help with mental focus and one Vitamin (C) to help increase absorption and efficacy.

In most cases, we recommend starting with Essentials for the first month to balance the body. Then, if more joint support is needed, try adding a small amount of Agility (not the full dose) to the serving of Essentials. Eventually, you could switch to the full dose of Agility and stop using Essentials.

I’m already feeding a "complete" meal (which states basic supplements in the food). Will Essentials be too much of the same nutrients?

It depends on the amount of nutrients added to the food. Most of the time, the specified nutrients added are not absorbed at the amounts stated because of the cooking and preservation processes

If you’re concerned about overdosing, we recommend starting at a small amount and slowly increasing from there. If your pet’s stool becomes loose, then they're likely getting too much. Otherwise, it is safe to feed together.

Can you feed Restore and Essentials at the same time?

Of course! Especially if you want the benefits of curcumin and boswellia on top of the Essentials benefits. 

However, there's no need to feed the full dose of each, 1/2 the recommended dose of each should do the trick, but you can adjust depending on your pet's needs; whether they need more Restore, or more Essentials.

Are all formulas safe to feed at the same time?

We recommend Essentials, Development, Agility, and Restore to be served alongside Omega3.

In the case of arthritis, a small dose of Agility can be added to the full dose of Essentials for added joint support.

In cases of severe stiffness or trauma, Restore can be used with Essentials (serving approx.1/2 dose of each) to increase herbal anti-inflammatory properties.

Full doses of Agility and Digestive can be fed together. This is in cases where Essentials' vitamin/mineral mix may not be wanted.

DO NOT feed Essentials and Digestive at the same time, as a full dose of digestive enzymes are already included in a full dose of Essentials.

Where did Breeders Best In Show (BIS) go?

It didn't go anywhere -- it just became PureForm Pet Health Supplements! 

Same formulas, new packaging (more eco-friendly) and upgraded names.

Breeders BIS Original: Joint & Health Support = PureForm Development (PUPPY)

Breeders BIS Enhanced: Total Support = PureForm Essentials (CANINE) and NEW (FELINE)

Breeders BIS Flex Aid: Joint Support = PureForm Agility

Breeders BIS First Response: Injury & Trauma = PureForm Restore

Breeders BIS Stable Milled Flax = PureForm Omega3

Breeders BIS Digestive Enzymes = PureForm Digestive

Where can I get samples?

All of our products come with a money-back guarantee, so they're all basically samples! To order a free sample size, however, call us toll free at 1-877-533-9163. Speak with Barb, she will help you find the formula best suited to your pet’s needs.

What makes the new canisters more eco-friendly?

The composite cardboard material is biodegradable and we've removed all plastic from our packaging. All stickers and shipping materials are compostable. Inside the can is a recyclable foil zipper bag for increased freshness. We’re also currently testing compostable bags which we’ll implement when we find the right one.

FAQs About Dog Supplements

Which formula is better for active dogs, Essentials or Agility?

Essentials is a great start to balance the body and increase absorption of nutrients in the diet. If more joint support is needed for your dog to be comfortable, or your dog is an adult breed known to develop joint issues, we recommend adding a small dose of Agility to meet their needs while maintaining full mind-body balance with Essentials.

What should I give my puppy, Essentials or Development?

If your puppy is prone to digestive issues or allergies, or the breed is known to have degenerative joints, the Essentials formula will provide active digestive enzymes for absorption and digestive aid. It also offers extra Glucosamine Hydrochloride for more joint development support.

Is Essentials completely balanced for a raw food diet?

As far as vitamins and minerals go, yes! We use daily recommended doses so you can rest easy knowing your pet is receiving what they need with every meal. 

We also recommend adding Omega3 to round off the complete diet with necessary anti-inflammatory oils and digestible fibre.

What is a good alternative for Dasaquin?

Agility, if the dog has osteoarthritis and mild stiffness. 

Restore will be the most comparable, as it also contains boswellia, curcumin, MSM, and glucosamine (ours is hydrochloride for higher yield). Restore also includes high amounts of vitamin C and magnesium for increased absorption. 

Omega3 is recommended, in addition to one of the other formulas, to increase joint lubrication, and improve overall health and wellbeing.

If I give my dog a homemade diet, do supplements provide enough calcium/phosphorus?

Yes, because our ingredients are very close to the recommended daily doses, the calcium/phosphorus ratio is exactly what they need to support a homemade diet.

What's a good liver supplement for my senior dog?

Essentials will not only help detox and cleanse the liver, but it also aims to balance the whole system for unlimited benefits!

FAQs About Cat Supplements

Which supplements can be used for cats?

In addition to Essentials Feline, Agility for joint support and mental clarity and Restore for injury or trauma. Omega3 can also be used as an alternative to fish oil, and Digestive is a good option for cats needing digestive assistance alone.

What’s good for cat joint health?

Essentials Feline is a fully balanced preventative formula that includes joint support and digestive enzymes for gut health. After a month, if your cat needs more joint support, we suggest adding a small dose of Agility.

What's a good supplement for my cat's kidneys?

Our Feline Essentials will do very well to detox the kidney.

MSM is a natural detoxer, and digestive enzymes are very good for weight maintenance and absorption of food.