No-Bake Nutrabites for you and your dog!

Hey Pack!

I love the idea of treating your pet to something nutritious, and being able to make that something with my own hands and ingredients that I already have in my kitchen is a win-win!

So, today we’re making No-Bake Nutrabites! They’re soft, chewy, full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. The best part is you can make half for your dogs, add some sweetener and make some for yourself and your family too (if you’re into sharing *snicker*)...

The original recipe we found uses 1 cup of peanut butter but we’ve split the amount with tahini (sesame seed butter) for a nutra-kick! Sesame seeds are packed with protein and are a good source of calcium, vitamin B1, manganese and copper. They have also been proven to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure but they are calorie-dense so we recommend doing some exercises or play-time first. Because of their outer shell, sesame seeds are likely to not be digested (like flax seeds) until ground, so tahini is a safe and effective way to get the benefits of sesame seeds into your dog’s diet. (Tahini for dogs info source)

Milled flax is a simple way to bind ingredients and it is bio-available, meaning easily digestible and absorbed through the stomach and intestines, unlike whole flax seeds. We used PureForm Omega3 Golden Milled Flax because it is highly bioavailable, the flax seeds are micro-chopped to naturally preserve and stabilize the oils while the fibre is fine and fluffy for easy digestion.

PureForm Omega3 Golden Milled Flax

There are three kinds of Omega-3 Fats: ALA, DHA and EPA. ALA is called an essential fat because it must be consumed in the diet. Flax contains the highest natural ration of ALA and LA of any vegetable or seed oil. With naturally occurring antioxidants including Vitamin E, Proanthocyanidins and Bioflavonoids, it is also an excellent source of dietary fibre.

It is important to note the ratio of Omega 3’s in the diet compared to Omega 6 + 9’s. Omega 3 levels should be twice the amount as the others to promote a healthy well being. Benefits of taking Omega3 Milled Flax include supporting brain function, maintaining skin and coat health, improving stool quality and helping reduce flatulence.

Oats are the last ingredient we used for our Nutrabites. They are relatively high in proteins and fats and are a good source of amino acids. Oats also contain a lot of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals (including vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc, iron, and selenium), all of which play an important role in maintaining or improving health.  Many of the antioxidants that oats contain, such as linoleic acid and vitamin E, can supplement your pet’s liver, skin, fur, etc. Oats for pets info source

Without further ado, here’s our recipe for No-Bake Nutrabites!

½ cup Peanut Butter (unsalted if possible)
½ cup Tahini
1 cup Rolled Oats
4 Tbsp Pureform Omega3, Golden Milled Flax

Additional ingredients for your consumption (to add after your dog’s Nutrabites have been rolled):

1 tsp Vanilla extract
½ tsp cinnamon
1 Tbsp Maple syrup or your preferred sweetener
Optional: shredded coconut, hemp hearts, chocolate chips, cacao powder, chia seeds


  1. Mix everything together in a bowl or electric mixer until it binds into a malleable dough, add water if necessary.
  2. Wet or oil hands and roll into your preferred treat size.
  3. If you’re making Nutrabites for yourself, add the additional ingredients now.
  4. Mix and roll into YOUR preferred treat size.
  5. Put in the fridge for 30 min, or until desired hardness is achieved, and enjoy!
  6. Store in the fridge and use within a week.

Thanks for joining us in the kitchen, I hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

As always, Happy Supplementing!

Love, Lindsay
Pureform Pack Leader

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