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OMEGA3 GOLDEN MILLED FLAX - PureForm Pet Health Supplements
OMEGA3 GOLDEN MILLED FLAX - PureForm Pet Health Supplements
Omega3 (Golden Milled Flax) [SOLD OUT]
OMEGA3 GOLDEN MILLED FLAX - PureForm Pet Health Supplements

Veterinary Health Product: NN.W6M7

Omega3 (Golden Milled Flax) [SOLD OUT]

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The power of Omega3

A premium, organic, milled flax that provides a perfect balance of omega-3, 6 and 9.

This Canadian-grown, holistic product helps protect your pet's skin, coat, brain and digestive health all in one.

With Omega3, you can rest assured your pet receives a superior, healthy and sustainable alternative to fish-based options.

without the bullsh*t.

This supplement contains only beneficial ingredients, from tested and trusted suppliers, so you get fast and lasting results.

Free from fillers such as whey powder, salt, sugars, flavours, glycerin, water, and alcohol, our doses mix easily with any type of food.

Your pup will devour our supplement because they can smell the nutrients and tell that it's good for them!

What Our PureForm Pack Members Say

Added to help my older dog with arthritis by increasing omegas. She also needs added fiber anal gland issues. She enjoys eating this and will look at her bowl if I forget to add it in.

Mikki E.

We have been looking for different Omega supplements and since finding Pureform haven’t looked back! I have a cavalier who has been a picky eater in the past so won’t eat some supplements, but she loves this Omega3 formula and gobbles down her dinner no problem! Not only that we’ve noticed some wonderful improvements in her coat and bowel movements. So happy to have found your company and product!

Cassie D.

I have had my pooch on this for about a month and I’ve noticed a big difference in my little guys coat and nails! When I cut his nails they don’t splinter like they used to!

Sarah K.

My dog has never been healthier! She eats raw food and has since she was a little pup and her poops were always a little soft. I also turned to this product because she was shying away from the fish oil. With this product, not only is she getting her omegas but her poops are more robust, which in turn aid in her gland expression. She’s also stopped eating so much grass 👌 Overall, I’m very happy with this product specifically from PureForm and will be ordering again!

Alexandra M.


“We’ve witnessed a substantial increase in animal deaths related to illness and degenerative disease over the past two decades,” says co-founder Calvin Nyuli. "Why?"

Modern-day pet food companies produce dehydrated, overcooked, highly-carcinogenic meal products that contain little to no nutrients. As such, pets are unable to absorb the necessary amino acids they need to maintain optimal health.

The purpose of PureForm Pet Health's Essentials and Development supplements is simple. It’s about identifying the nutritional gaps today’s pets experience and delivering the nutrients they need without harmful fillers and additives.

Your pets deserve a supplement that’s scientifically formulated to enhance their food, help them absorb the nutrients they need, and provide their daily recommended servings of vitamins and minerals. But that’s not all. As a bonus, PureForm supplements help strengthen joints, promote ligament stability, and help improve gut health.

How long will my omega3 last?

Find your pet's weight below to see the recommended daily dose, servings per canister, cost per day and recommended reorder frequency.

1-10 lbs

0.5 tsp/day

333 days/can


REORDER every 45 weeks

11-20 lbs

1 tsp/day

167 days/can


REORDER every 22 weeks

21-30 lbs

2 tsp/day

83 days/can


REORDER every 10 weeks

31-40 lbs

3 tsp/day

56 days/can


REORDER every 6 weeks

41-50 lbs

4 tsp/day

42 days/can


REORDER every 4 weeks

51-60 lbs

5 tsp/day

33 days/can


REORDER every 3 weeks

61-70 lbs

6 tsp/day

28 days/can


REORDER every 2.5 weeks

71-80 lbs

7.5 tsp/day

22 days/can


REORDER every 2 weeks

81-90 lbs

9 tsp/day

19 days/can


REORDER every 1.5 weeks

91-100 lbs

10.5 tsp/day

16 days/can


REORDER every 1 week

101+ lbs

12 tsp/day

14 days/can


REORDER every 1 week


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